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Azure Development Services

Windows Azure is nothing but a cloud service operating system brings development, service hosting and service management environment for the Windows Azure platform. Its main purpose is to meet the challenges faced by the CTOs and CIOs in relation to the business and financial areas of an organization.

A Microsoft product which is modifying the game of web development. It allows developing, package and deploying amazing applications & services to the cloud with Azure Cloud Services; that too just in the click of a button.

  • Microsoft Azure Development services include:
  • 1. Migrating on-premises IT resources to Microsoft Azure
  • 2. Building a hybrid IT environment in which the on-premises IT resources work in cohesion with cloud IT resources
  • 3. Building and hosting web sites in the Azure's web server infrastructure
  • 4. Developing mobile backend services using the Azure SDKs for Windows, iOS, Android and HTML.
  • 5. Building highly available and infinitely scalable cloud service applications and APIs
  • 6. Leveraging Azure's data storage capabilities by building data management and business analytics applications.
    Features of Azure Development
  • a) Cost control: It enables you to get rid of additional expenses involved in maintenance, depreciation and computing infrastructure through MS Data Centre.
  • b) Faster growth: Windows Azure has been designed keeping mind the ever changing business requirements.
  • c) Adapting to demands: It empowers you to scale up and down with the varying requirements and therefore, helping you keep up the pace with the changing market conditions.
  • c) Multiple services: Helps you leverage from the services like SharePoint and Dynamics CRM, implement a custom development solution and migration from the existing applications.